Sunday, April 17, 2016

50 Feels So Good !!!

Well I celebrated my BIG 50 this past weekend and oh do I feel BLESSED !!
Here is a picture of me with my princess tiara on.....feeling ever so special.

    I received some loving packages from my dear blog sisters. Patti at Paintin Patti sent these adorable hand made treasures to me


   The doll she embellished is beyond adorable and she knows how I love chickens.....she made this quilted piece and I have the perfect spot for it.

     A cute "Happy Birthday" banner, Patti is so creative!

    A chicken pin it!!!

I adore hand-made cards.....oh how she knows me. Blog friends are one of a kind.

My friend Deb sent a package to me too.....I am the happiest girl in the world !

I don't know where to begin, just so much  love and birthday blessings.

I love to bake, is this vintage towel the cutest?

B I N G O.............I'm 50 !!

A bluebird charm of happiness

My husband knows what I like and he found this flatware chest at an antique shop

I'm going to paint it white, change out the hardware and use it to store my jewelry. I adore costume jewelry and love to accessorize my outfits so suffice to say, I will fill this beautiful chest.

It has beautiful bones and awesome dividers in the drawers

Cards mean so much to me, I cherish them and the sentiment they convey

 My son bought a sweet concrete bench for my garden and my daughter is taking me out of town for a spa & antiquing weekend........I couldn't ask for more

I was princess for a day and I am looking forward to the adventures the 2nd chapter of my life holds.
I give God all the glory for my blessings and hold dear the friendships I have made through
Thank you for visiting.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Room at the Table

I spent a little time today setting the table for Easter dinner.
Washed my stemware, ironed my linens, gathered some spring décor from my she-shed.

This year dinner will be just the 3 of us.......My husband, my son and me.

As I was placing the table settings , I thought about who would sit where.

I always sit to the left of my husband

Ethan sits to his right......each of us gets a little name card indicating where we will sit

But then I thought, I need to include The One we are honoring on this most holy of days......a day that made all the difference !

I set a place at our table for the man who gave His life for me. He hung on a cross on a hill called Calvary, he bled and died so that I may live. I feel that a place at my humble table is the least I can offer the man who loves me in ways that I cannot fully comprehend yet I am forever grateful for.

Its not about the bunny.........rather The Lamb who was slain.

As we celebrate His resurrection it is my prayer that you will draw closer to Him.


Happy Easter

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentines Day decorations make me smile

I love decorating for the seasons, the holidays, the weather, I love decorating for my mood oh heck, I just love displaying things in our home that make me feel good and make my family feel happy.

   Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to display all of my red pretties.
          So many things have been sent to me by my loving blog friends

The vintage vases I have displayed here were found at the Goodwill! OMG I just about fell over when I found these !

The Wee Wisdom booklet is dated February 1949.

This is the buffet in my dining room.....the mirror is NOT crooked, my camera was! LOL

  This just makes me happy, do you know what I mean?

   I could play for hours

    A little white wicker end table that I just adore......$5.00 Goodwill score

    Received this in the mail this week from my friend Patti, she is such a special blog sister in The Lord. She blogs at Paintin Patti

This figurine was given to me by an elderly friend of mine and I absolutely adore her, see the little bluebird on the candy box?

Well I hope you enjoyed my Valentine décor as much as I enjoy displaying it. I appreciate your visit and pray your week is going well !

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mission Organization

I am starting my new year in "organization mode". I am determined to GET and KEEP my craft room organized. I have some ideas in my head and surfed the internet for random pics to share. Note: NONE of the pics in this post are my craft room, I am just sharing some pretty ideas.

This is a simple and practical idea

I absolutely adore this butter yellow 3 tiered stand, its pretty, its functional and its unique. I have several 3 tiered stands in my storage shed I will be pulling out this weekend......oh the possibilities!

This room makes me smile, I love the bookshelf that serves as storage for bits and bows and crafting supplies. I bet my husband could build that for me.



 This space is divine

Well I am filled with motivation and excitement to get my space in order. I will share pictures and ideas along the way. I am sure to tweak my ideas a million times, rearranging is a way of life for me.

Thank you for visiting.
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Baking Our House Into A Home.....

Baking Our House Into A Home.....