Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Day of Autumn

My FAVORITE season...........I love the cooler temps, shorter days, snuggly nights and most of all.....DECORATING for it.
My very favorite shopping partner (who happens to be my husband) and I went to San Diego over the weekend and I spotted this adorable rooster at a little antique shop. That buttery yellow hue just screams "fall".
My entry way

This little gal is just too cute, she has her turkey and she is all ready for fall

Found this turkey candy dish at an antique shop for $8.00. I love it!
Put together this little vignette on my hearth in the living room
Our fireplace in the living room

Put out a little fall love for my mom & dad. Miss you dad.
Gotta have a wreath

Hope you are all enjoying decorating for "Autumn" as much as I am. I just love to visit your blogs and get such great ideas. Thank you for visiting mine.

Love, Smiles, and Hugs,


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Decorating

Spent some time outside today. The weather was warm & humid but not unbearable. I found a beautiful Mum for my pumpkin head.
We flew our flag with honor today. God Bless those souls who perished 10 years ago.

Put out a little Fall lovin on my front porch

Had to get a little mum to keep my yard angel company

I am working on the inside decorating this week......will share later. Hope you all had a beautiful weekend and the week ahead is cooler.



Monday, September 5, 2011

First Time Was A Charm!

My Custard Pie was a success..... I know I shouldn't be so excited but I had never made one before so when my husband says "that's the best custard pie I have ever eaten", I swell with pride. I just love to bake for brother in law came to stay with us for the 3 day weekend and he agreed.........the best!!

I love vintage cookbooks and cook booklets....well on a whim I stopped at a little yard sale on Saturday and this gal was selling all of these..........I was soooooo excited.
She had so many cookbooks including this "Danish Food" book. Very interesting.
I want to learn how to decorate cakes............I told my husband I want to take a class at Michael's or Joanne's on my list but we will have to wait and see if there is any time in my wife/mom schedule. My priorities are God, My husband, My Children and Me..........that's how my mom and dad raised me and I am proud of those virtues.

Looks like cake decorating was pretty basic even in the 80's when this Wilton magazine was published.
So cute, they illustrate a cake for a morning wedding and one for an afternoon wedding.........
Bisquick was a staple item in our house when I was a kid. I found some "old time favorites" in this book. It was used a lot over the years. Oh if this book could talk it would have so many stories to tell me I am sure.
This book is probably my favorite from the lot.......Its from 1953 and its the Pillsbury Recipe and Baking contest "Prize Winning Recipes". Look at the price wow a quarter! I paid $3.00 for all these treasured books...........I would say it was well worth it.

Hope your 3 day weekend was good. We lazed around the house all day today..........felt sooooo good.

Lots of Love,


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back To School, Back To A Schedule

My son is going into 5th grade this year. He is so ready to get back into a "schedule". I am glad he enjoys school and the challenges it presents. I will be doing some last minute shopping for his lunch box. I want to stock up on healthy snacks that I can put together the night before so when we get ready to leave in the morning, I am not rushing about to get his stuff together.

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend. We are staying home. Gas prices are up (of course) and I would much rather enjoy the last little bit of laziness from my own front porch.



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Baking Our House Into A Home.....

Baking Our House Into A Home.....