Monday, April 27, 2009

Some Sweet Treasures

My sweetheart & I drove to Temecula on Friday to visit the girls at La Maison Rustique and although I didn't return home with a large haul, it was a beautiful day and I got to see some girlfriends whom I have not seen for quite some time.

We enjoyed the day together and strolled through Old Town Temecula. So many shops and interesting places to just roam in and out of. I picked up these cute little silver butter knives...............

He asked "what are you going to do with 3 butter knives?" and I replied, "my treasures don't serve a practical purpose, they serve "my purpose". I guess he will have to make a few trips to the barn with me before he fully understands my flea market mentality huh?

(Come on girls, I know I am not alone on this one).

Found this beautiful covered dish at Serendipity in Old Town Temecula. The lady said it was a "tea caddy" and the cost was $12.00. I think it was worth it.

Now the conversation piece of our day was this silver bon bon spoon. I saw it, I wanted it and at the cost of $4.00 I felt that even if I never serve bon bons from it, I must have it to display with my other silver pieces.

My sweetheart was baffled by the very idea of being served bon bons one at a time from a spoon with slots in it, I explained to him that proper etiquette requires one to enjoy a small taste of a fine confection rather than over-indulge in a box of See's Candy. Nice to be back to blogging. Thank you for your comments.

Debbie Kay

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dumpster Diving

Ok I have been MIA on my blog for some time now and I want to thank all of my friends who have checked in on me. I am doing very well and wanted to share a recent find......IN THE TRASH!!! Yep thats right, I took the trash out the other day and on the very top of the pile was a box with this pretty soup tureen and a cookbook by Paula Deen's sons.

Both of the items were in perfect condition and I am not too proud to pick them out of the dumpster.

One mans trash is definitely my treasure!

Debbie Kay

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Baking Our House Into A Home.....

Baking Our House Into A Home.....