Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sweet Surprise

So when I arrived home from work today, my husband had a big surprise for me.....setting on my beautiful Hoosier was this collection of vintage cookbooks.
Well not all of them are "vintage" but they have that old charm & character that makes my heart go pitter patter!
Oh aren't they sweet? He was telling a friend of his how much I love old cookbooks and his friend said "I have these just sitting in my garage". Oh how happy I am to find a new home for them where they will be adored.
Betty role model as a young girl. LOL
When my husband saw this one he said Any One Can Bake, but NOBODY can bake like my girl". He puts me on top of the world.
Hard to read (a photographer I am NOT) but it was priced for $1.50. Oh when times were so simple.
It's so funny to read the ingredients in these old cookbooks. Many recipes call for a cup of "fat" rather than the modern day "shortening". I also saw recipes that call for a "few granules of salt". I love that!
This tin was the icing on the cake....pardon the pun. It's an old storage tin for a floor mop. Its soooooooo cute, reminds me of my mom, she was always cleaning when we were kids.

"Maid of Honor" a nod to the homemaker of yesteryear, and justly so.

So thankful for the smallest of gifts that always bless me in the biggest of ways.

Smiles & Sunshine,


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hoosier Daddy?

Well I was surprised by my husband Saturday morning, we got up early and drove to the valley. He said he found my Christmas gift on Ebay and couldn't wait til Christmas to give it to me.

It needed some work and he lovingly labored on this gorgeous piece.
He hammered, he sanded, he stained, he gave it a lot of much needed TLC
There is NOTHING he can't do and he ALWAYS takes his time.
And when he was done.......

I was a VERY HAPPY wife!! Isn't she beautiful? It's a 1920's Hoosier.
A place for me to display all my vintage lovelies!

I spent all day playing with my new "bake center".
He took me to a little antique mall after Sunday breakfast and found this adorable rooster lamp.....looks so sweet next to my


He makes me feel like a beautiful queen, and there is no mistaking that he is the King of My Heart!


Fall decorations are down, packed away and Christmas totes are on their way out of my shed......

Back to work tomorrow,


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baking Our House Into A Home.....

If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE TO BAKE. Well Thanksgiving is my very favorite decorating and baking time of the year!

I got up early this morning, enjoyed my coffee (yum) and then dawned my favorite red apple apron and so began my baking bliss!
All of my ingredients laid out
I have all of my recipes handwritten in this adorable journal that I bought from Maryjane at Beehive Cottage. She has an etsy shop with so many handmade tags, journals and adorable items. Check her out.

Love those end caps at Target.....Clearance is my friend!

Oh I think they turned out beautiful! My husband came in the door from work and said they looked better than Marie Calendar pies. Gosh that made me feel soooooo good.
Had a little pie crust left over so I whipped up little apple pie for my best guy.

Apple pie makes the house smell like home baked LOVE
The pies are baked, the floors are mopped, the turkey will soon be in the much to be thankful for.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with the ones you love,


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big Daddy's Birthday

Big Daddy is what we call him around here. He is the most loving man in the world and today is his birthday. He wanted to go to King's Hawaiian Restaurant in Torrance for his favorite food.
My sweethearts family roots are "Hawaiian" and it is by far his favorite food. Well truth-be-told he likes to eat and he will eat most any kind of food......but Hawaiian is at the top of his list

"Our kids". We don't have any kids together but together we have these kids and they make us so happy.
My daughter and His son act more like brother and sister than most blood-siblings. They love eachother a lot.
Gosh that flash sure did wash my face out.
Me and my sister-in-law
We finished the evening off with a roaring poured rain all day here at home and in Torrance. It's cold out but no snow in the forecast. Back to work Monday, half day Tuesday then I am off the rest of the week. I am looking forward to baking all my pies and sweets for Thanksgiving.

Smiles & Blessings,


Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Being Thankful" Requires No Effort At All

The other day at work I over-heard a customer telling my co-worker how she was "dreading" the upcoming Thanksgiving Day dinner preparation. I was shocked to hear someone complain about celebrating "BLESSINGS".
As the years go by, I find that I am thankful for so many little things....
Last weekend when we went on our little outing to Redlands, I was so grateful that my husband wanted to spend time with me. He always finds things that he knows I love. He spied this "rooster" tapestry runner and the price tag was $15.
I thought, WOW that's not the register it was 20% added little, unexpected blessing.
This is a Yankee Candle Shop fragrance oil burner. I love the colors and it was $8.00 which made it very easy for me to put it in my basket.
Roosters are taking over my kitchen! They are all very welcomed!
This Rooster doorstop isn't an antique but I found it in the garden section at the shop in Redlands. It was on sale 20% off......Blessings Abound!
It's so very easy to find, count and treasure all the blessings in our life. My husband is trying so hard to quit smoking and I found this little porcelain sign to gently remind him, after all HE is a treasure to me and it is important to show him how much he is loved.
I enjoy cooking, baking, cleaning up before dinner, after dinner and all the times in between, I enjoy having family over and sharing a turkey dinner with all the fixin's. I enjoy coffee and homemade pie, love, laughter and making memories.

Short work week ahead.....I like that a lot!

Smiles & Sunshine,


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Me & My Guy......Rain & A Little Road Trip

It was raining Saturday morning and my husband wanted to get out and about for a little bit. I am just the opposite, I like to snuggle inside and watch the rain come down, but when he said....."Antique Shopping" I grabbed a sweater and jumped in the jeep.
My driver, shopping companion and husband extraordinaire
He went online and found this little place in Redlands, California. It was a little over an hour drive but he/we didn't mind.
"Precious Times" indeed
What? It's Christmas? I didn't get the memo......I am enjoying autumn and all my fall decor.
Snowmen waiting at the door bid us to come on in
Those Copper Molds make me feel so Farmhouse cozy
Beautiful it
My husband said he could see this in our kitchen......hmmm so nice that he has the same taste as me.

20% off is always my friend.
I just love vintage Christmas decor
It went on and on and I only bought 1 thing here. I will share that in another post.
My guy treats me like a queen and I hope he feels like I treat him like a king. We have such good times together, doing a lot, doing a little or doing nothing at all.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?

More Rain in the forecast=snuggly nights.......

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Baking Our House Into A Home.....

Baking Our House Into A Home.....