Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hoosier Daddy?

Well I was surprised by my husband Saturday morning, we got up early and drove to the valley. He said he found my Christmas gift on Ebay and couldn't wait til Christmas to give it to me.

It needed some work and he lovingly labored on this gorgeous piece.
He hammered, he sanded, he stained, he gave it a lot of much needed TLC
There is NOTHING he can't do and he ALWAYS takes his time.
And when he was done.......

I was a VERY HAPPY wife!! Isn't she beautiful? It's a 1920's Hoosier.
A place for me to display all my vintage lovelies!

I spent all day playing with my new "bake center".
He took me to a little antique mall after Sunday breakfast and found this adorable rooster lamp.....looks so sweet next to my


He makes me feel like a beautiful queen, and there is no mistaking that he is the King of My Heart!


Fall decorations are down, packed away and Christmas totes are on their way out of my shed......

Back to work tomorrow,



Patty Marker said...

Wow, what a sweet man you've got there. That hoosier is beautiful and what a great use for it as a baking center. I have been decorating for the last couple of days and took two days off to finish up this week. Have a wonderful week, Patty

Kris said...

What a beauty your new hoosier is. And what a man you have there! I have to tell pains me to say this.....but a few years back, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and needed to get rid of some of my pieces! I had my middle daughter and her son move home for a bit, and I was really drowning in furniture. But I also foolishly allowed my Mom to talk me into getting rid of my fabulous hoosier! And my pie safe, and an antique sewing machine. 100 dollars each. Isn't that enough to make you ill? I have never gotten over it! NEVER will either. You enjoy your pretty new hoosier!!!


EEK!!! Very Nice Hoosier!
You are so CUTE in your red apron!!!
LOVE your hoosier!!!!You do have the best hubby ever and I'm so Happy for YOU!!!
Your pies look divine! That is one thing I don't make, pies...
Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and enjoyed your days off!
I'm almost finished putting up the Christmas decor!

MelMel said...

Hello Debbie....just been reading your last few blog do have such a happy home!

What a super husband you have! Such a thoughtful gift.....perfect!xxxx

MelMel said...

P.S....thank you for the lovely comment you left for

deb said...

wow it is beautful and how lucky are you to have such a handy hubby!!!!!!! LOVE all your goodies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie and what a guy you have! That Hoosier is gorgeous! How nice of him to find it for you and restore it! It's gorgeous and so big! I think it's the biggest one I've seen. I love how you've dressed her too! ;)
thanks so much for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Janet said...

What an amazing gift from your sweet husband! I love hoosiers and your is just beautiful! You have it decorated so cute, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Debbie! Hee-hee! What a cute title to your post! Oh I just know you had so much fun decorating your new hoosier! ♥

Angela said...

Loving it..I also adore that have a beautiful blog.

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