Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Being Thankful" Requires No Effort At All

The other day at work I over-heard a customer telling my co-worker how she was "dreading" the upcoming Thanksgiving Day dinner preparation. I was shocked to hear someone complain about celebrating "BLESSINGS".
As the years go by, I find that I am thankful for so many little things....
Last weekend when we went on our little outing to Redlands, I was so grateful that my husband wanted to spend time with me. He always finds things that he knows I love. He spied this "rooster" tapestry runner and the price tag was $15.
I thought, WOW that's not the register it was 20% added little, unexpected blessing.
This is a Yankee Candle Shop fragrance oil burner. I love the colors and it was $8.00 which made it very easy for me to put it in my basket.
Roosters are taking over my kitchen! They are all very welcomed!
This Rooster doorstop isn't an antique but I found it in the garden section at the shop in Redlands. It was on sale 20% off......Blessings Abound!
It's so very easy to find, count and treasure all the blessings in our life. My husband is trying so hard to quit smoking and I found this little porcelain sign to gently remind him, after all HE is a treasure to me and it is important to show him how much he is loved.
I enjoy cooking, baking, cleaning up before dinner, after dinner and all the times in between, I enjoy having family over and sharing a turkey dinner with all the fixin's. I enjoy coffee and homemade pie, love, laughter and making memories.

Short work week ahead.....I like that a lot!

Smiles & Sunshine,



Sunny Simple Life said...

I know why complain that you actually
have the money to buy the food to cook for your family when so many don't. I am looking forward to all six of us around the table at once. Rarely happens these days as my oldest is either working or in school most evenings. Hope you have a blessed week with your family and yeah more rain!!

MelMel said...

How lovely to meet someone who is so upbeat and positive.....I'm popping out now, as my husband and I are going for a walk, we will also pop ino a few thrift shops!

See you later!


Hello Smiles and Sunshine! I love that!
I see you are finding lots of goodies for your kitchen makeover!
I am so VERY THANKFUL for Friends and daily blessings.
Enjoy your days off and wishing you a Lovely and Blessed
p.s. good for your hubby to quite smoking...wish my kids would stop!

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Baking Our House Into A Home.....