Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spendin Time With My Sweetheart

 I love the simple things in life. Spending time with my husband doing anything at all or nothing at all just makes my heart so happy. We delivered a couch to my daughter Saturday morning and since we were in the valley, we decided to hit up a couple thrift shops in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Good junk doesn't discriminate.
No I didn't bake this cake......its a cute little candle we found at the Goodwill for $1.50 I am such a sucker for pretty little things. 

We wandered into a little antique shop and I spied this old Betty Crocker cookbook. $5.00
I love the graphics in old cookbooks. The header on this page reads "Bread-The Symbol of Hope, Home and Hospitality. Isn't that the truth!

 Working in my flower bed is one of my favorite things to do and this little pink shovel I found will make my time outdoors so sweet.

Couldn't pass up this little shabby chic mirror
My bathroom is one of my favorite places to decorate

A cute little butter yellow pitcher found its way into my bathroom. It is the perfect little companion for my makeup brushes. I am always amazed at what people donate to the Goodwill. I paid $1.50 for this cutie and it still had the $5.99 price tag on it from TJ Maxx. 

Now this little "green apple" colander is probably my favorite find of the day. My husband found this for me. 
He knows I prefer red apples much better, he is the king of spray painting!

Hope your weekend was special, mine sure was.



Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Am A "Shabby Chic" Girl

I am such a shabby chic lover. I NEVER get bored with it, I NEVER get tired of it and I ALWAYS like changin things around.

This little "cheese keeper" caught my eye on one of our little antique outings. My husband teased me that day that I had better get it or there would be no living with me. I just adore little treasures like this.

Added some little cuties to this basket.

I can't pass up those cute little silver spoons when I find them in antique shops and this white spoon holder makes the perfect home for them among my treasures.

This shelf was brown when I rescued it from the Goodwill. A can of white spray paint took care of it in a jiffy.
I'm always drawn to the "pinks" in my happy shabby chic world but  its nice to add a little contrast color to the mix.

Hope your week has been as good as mine. Beautiful weather makes me feel so good! Looks like a beautiful weekend ahead,

Smiles & Sunshine,


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little Treasures Mean So Much To Me

Found this beautiful shabby chic fabric basket at the Goodwill

Simply Shabby divine!

I'm using it in my closet for "hand washables"
I was tickled to find this very sweet little shelf to hold.......

Some of my very special little treasures

This pretty tin box caught my eye, it has a sticker on the bottom that indicates it was  made in Germany and held candy in it. I thought it was so pretty and so unique. Goodwill special $1.50
It has a slot in the top (looks like a bank)

Little pretties

My treasures make me so happy

Hope your weekend is finding you "happy".



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Red Treat For Me

Found these beautiful "red" Ramekins at my local Thrift Shop for $2.50

The bottoms are stamped "Apilco France"......ohhh la la!!

Happy Valentines Day.......anything in red makes me swoon everyday of the year.

Monday, February 13, 2012

An Impromptu Visit With My Mom

My husband and I decided it was time to visit my mom......unannounced. We wanted to surprise her and check in on her at the same time. We left early Friday morning and drove 6 hours to Yuba City. Its a long drive up Highway 99 past Sacramento. It has been almost 2 years since we visited her and  she has aged a lot since losing my dad.

 I covet your prayers. I know The Lord will open a door soon that allows her to sell the house and move near my brother. It's not easy taking care of the parent(s) that took care of us when we needed them most but I am so grateful to have her in my life each day that passes.

Hug your mom & dad, tell them you love them.......every day in life is precious indeed.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Weekend

 I have never been a big Jessica Simpson fan, til I saw these!

They are soooooo me! 
Love me some heels, can't wait to wear them this Spring
Clearance is my friend! Love a sale at Dillards and that pink sticker made them just too hard to resist! I guess I will stay out of the mall for a while.

I put out a few Valentines over the weekend.
My sweet blog friend Deb sent this to me. I was tickled to open it up and find the sweet hankie tucked in there. I am so blessed by the friendships I have found through my blog.

My son tested for his Orange belt on Thursday night.
It was a lengthy test and the last of the beginner belt tests. We didn't get home until 9:00 that night. 

He did so well, I was the proudest mom in the studio!
He had to break a board with a kick and he didn't break it with the first kick, he hurt his foot on the second kick and still didn't break it but holding back the tears, reaching deep down inside, he broke that board with the third kick. He was beaming with pride and I was overcome with emotion at his accomplishment!
My husband made this belt rack so he can display all his belts. He was so happy when my husband finished it and hung it in his room. I am so proud of him and so thankful that my adoring husband is such a good step-dad to him. When you marry someone with kids you don't just automatically love them but when he does things like this for my son, it speaks volumes to my heart......and my son feels valued beyond measure.

It was a great weekend.


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Baking Our House Into A Home.....

Baking Our House Into A Home.....