Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Am A "Shabby Chic" Girl

I am such a shabby chic lover. I NEVER get bored with it, I NEVER get tired of it and I ALWAYS like changin things around.

This little "cheese keeper" caught my eye on one of our little antique outings. My husband teased me that day that I had better get it or there would be no living with me. I just adore little treasures like this.

Added some little cuties to this basket.

I can't pass up those cute little silver spoons when I find them in antique shops and this white spoon holder makes the perfect home for them among my treasures.

This shelf was brown when I rescued it from the Goodwill. A can of white spray paint took care of it in a jiffy.
I'm always drawn to the "pinks" in my happy shabby chic world but  its nice to add a little contrast color to the mix.

Hope your week has been as good as mine. Beautiful weather makes me feel so good! Looks like a beautiful weekend ahead,

Smiles & Sunshine,



Patty Marker said...

You have so many beautiful treasures and you display them perfectly. How lucky you are to have a hubby that "gets" you. I am loving the weather.

Sunny Simple Life said...

You are in no way shabby but you are very chic!


Hello Debbie,
Of course you are a shabby chic girl! You are pretty just like your collections!
Here's to a great weekend!

Kris said...

Love all of your goodies!!!

seo said...

I Am A "Shabby Chic" Girl
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I Am A "Shabby Chic" Girl
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Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie! You have so many pretties and I hate to differ with you but honey, you are certainly not shabby! You're gorgeous! :) ...and chic too!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

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