Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Rain, Spring Fluffing

Oh how I adore the rain and oh how I love the rain when I get to enjoy it from the inside of my cozy home. I spent my Sunday going through ALL of my precious Easter/Spring decor.
that sweet little lamb was rescued from the thrift shop along with that little pink juicer.

nestled this little bunny in one of my milk glass candy dishes

Picked up a pink African Violet to plant in this beautiful  ironstone pedestal dish. I love ironstone.

Mr. Rabbit was on clearance a few years ago at TJ Maxx. The basket is a ceramic piece I picked up at the thrift shop when I met with my blog friends a few weeks ago.

I tweaked my shelf in the entryway again. My husband told me those little chicks are the closest thing to chickens I will ever see. Oh well, I can dream.

I have had this little bunny chair since my daughter was born. When she got a little older she actually tried to sit on it. I managed to fix the leg and it has always brought me so much joy to recall that story.

A little Easter tree in my entryway

My coffee table in the living room

Little Peeps......Too cute

The little Easter Books were in my daughters first Easter basket back in 1990. I love to display those every year.
I displayed my little bible here

Put a little vintage Easter Card in this frame
I love to decorate every little space in our home.

Unrelated to Easter, but very special to me is this sweet birthday angel that my husband bought me yesterday. We were at an antique shop and he was looking for something special for me for my birthday. He obviously couldn't wait til April to give it to makes me feel so special that he "gets me".

She's old, she's vintage, and she is sooooo sweet.

I love her and I love my husband for being so thoughtful and caring. 

Looking forward to Easter baking, Easter dinner, faith, family and friends in our home to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Saviour.

Lookin for Sunshine,


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springtime At Our Home

 Had to stay home with a sick little boy today, well he is not really "little", he is 11 years old but I tell you, he will always be little to me. I tell him even when he is 25 I will still kiss him all over his face. I'm his mom and I can do that!
So while he laid on the couch all day, I took the opportunity to introduce a little springtime love around the house. I added some bunnies to my little shabby chic shelf in the entryway. 

Found that little guy at the Goodwill. Who would give such a sweet little guy away? 

Added a few roses to this little fella
Stuck these cute little signs in the flowers I bought for my dad's birthday. I want to wait until the weather clears up and stops dipping down into the 30's at night before I plant them outside.

More bunnies peeking out of a dish of chicks......Easter must be right around the corner

Sometimes I move the bunnies around
This little pink bunny is feeling spring in the air atop my pretty Yellow and Pink hankies. I love to look for vintage hankies and lace doilies when I go into antique shops. I always feel as if they tell a story.
The resurrection of My Savior Jesus Christ....a Joyous Easter indeed.

Hope spring is coloring your world with happiness.



Monday, March 19, 2012

This & That

Had a few minutes on Saturday so me & my honey ran into the Salvation Army

This is one of those "oh my gosh I had one of these when I was a kid" moments. But seriously, I really did have this same picture in the same flimsy white frame when I was a little girl. I couldn't pass it up.

My guy spotted this cute little grater. 

That little pencil box was just too cute to pass up. The little bag of clothes pins are gonna look adorable in my new laundry room and the crotchet doily is gonna serve as the perfect tree skirt for my mini Christmas tree. That's one of those $.88 specials....oh yeah!

Hello? Hello? Is this a flashback to the 90's? I love books about home and hospitality and Emilie Barnes is a beloved authority in the world of etiquette and homespun housewarming. Her ideas for making family feel loved and  guests feel welcome NEVER go out of style.

Company in the warm & inviting.

Instantly at home.....that's how I always want my family to feel

This cute ceramic frog was a sweet find too.

Sometimes I am just drawn to things that make me feel......well they just "make me feel".

Thanks for droppin by.

Lookin for blue skies & Sunshine


Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my dear dads birthday. I bought some flowers to set on my desk for today.
My dad loved to work in the yard, planting, pruning, sprucing up his domain.

He would have been 76 years old today.

He was a true blue and proud Marine. 

I treasure these old photos of him.  

I always bought him a meaningful book, one that expressed my feelings for him.

He knew I would always write something in the front of the book, I am so glad my mother kept these for me after he went to heaven.

There are countless reasons why a daughter needs a dad

I am the most loved and valued daughter in the world because I was loved by the best father God ever made.

I emailed a friend of mine this week when I was feeling very sad, just missing him terribly and she comforted me with her kind words. She lovingly said that "it never gets easier but the spaces between the pain get longer". I agree and find such comfort when I can share my hurt with someone who knows exactly what you are feeling.

Happy Birthday in heaven my beloved dad.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All In A Days Work

I love the sentiment  on this mug. I bought it because it was cute but I enjoy it because it reminds me how valuable a mother is to her family.

She builds her house "well". That is not an easy task. A working mother and wife gives up something very valuable....."her time".

It takes lots of prayer. I pray for my husband and my children daily. 

The mother is the Heart of The Home

I put all my faith in The Lord

I try to do little things to make them smile.

Most of all, I give them my Love. Even though I must work outside our home, my heart is ALWAYS "in our home" and I count it a privilege to care for my family.

"It isn't the size of your home so much that matters, it's the gentle hand, the loving touch that makes it great or small. The friends who come and out of your house depart, will judge it not by the style you show, it's all in the size of your heart"


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Baking Our House Into A Home.....

Baking Our House Into A Home.....