Monday, March 12, 2012

How Do You Like Your Coffee?

I can't even begin my day without that first cup of coffee.
On my day off last week, I decided to move things around and make a coffee station.

All set up and ready to brew

Love my roosters
My rooster canister from Old Towne Temecula holds my coffee grounds much sweeter than the plastic Folgers can. Just love it!
I put some silver spoons in this little rooster container. I'm not sure what it really is but it holds my spoons so sweetly. 

Found this uh-dor-able recipe box at the Goodwill. Who in her right mind would get rid of that cute little box? Gosh I sure am glad she did.

Those strawberries are just beckoning the lazy days of summer.

Love those cherries!

Lemon Meringue refreshing

Dressed up the bottom shelf a little
How do you like your coffee?




Sunny Simple Life said...

Okay I love those cups and did you snag the red glass rooster at Country General? They had one there. Love your coffee station. You always decorate so cutely.

Patty Marker said...

It turned! I love the canisters and that Lemon sign...luv it. You have yourself quite a collection going. I'm glad you enjoyed your day off. It looks like you didn't do much resting! Patty

Nancy Jo said...

Oh Yes, Love the coffee. Richard brings me mine every morning before he goes to work.
I see now after looking at a lot of your pictures that I better go to the thrift store. I thought I had enohg things for now, but maybe not. PRETTY PICTURES.
Nancy Jo

Angela said...

I'm SO loving my coffee and I take mine with lots of milk. I too changed some things around in my kitchen and made a coffee station! Now that we are talking coffee, think I'll pour me one. thanks for the


Fun idea to have a coffee station. My kitchen isn't big enough for anythig like I don't drink coffee! Cool rooster mugs!
Enjoy your coffee station!

Janet said...

I love your coffee station! I, too can't begin my day without a cup of coffee! I just love your rooster canister! Old town Temecula is one of my favorite places to shop!

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