Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunshine In A Spray Paint Can

Found this shelf at the Goodwill, price was $3.99 and I thought to myself, "hey I can do something with that". Its prior owner had taken a marker to it and written some silly something on the under side of the top shelf.

Took a little trip to Lowe's with my sweetheart and we both agreed on this "Sunshine Yellow". I just love the way it makes my little red treasures pop!

I told my son, the picture on that little cookbook reminds me of him and me. He looked at me with that crooked little smile like "ok mom, if you say so". 

Oh how I love my roosters. Goodwill treasures.

That little red colander looks right at home on my sunshine yellow shelf.

I took the day off tomorrow to spend the day with.......MYSELF. Oh I am just delighted, I have some little projects I want to get done that of course involve spray paint and I picked up a couple little flower plants I want to pot for my little area on the front porch. I had a FABULOUS time with my blog girlfriends yesterday. We shopped for hours, found amazing treasures. We shopped, ate, laughed and shared. Thank you Elaine, Patty & Shelly.

I look forward to sharing the treasures we found on our excursion.......


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Baking Our House Into A Home.....

Baking Our House Into A Home.....