Sunday, December 28, 2008


5 days off in a row this week for the Christmas holiday gave me so much desperately-needed motivation. I finished my mini vacation off with a complete clean up and makeover of my office. I boxed up, cleaned up, threw away and gave away so many things that needed a new home since my little apartment cannot house any more "stuff". It was such a humbling experience when I moved from a 2300 square foot house into a 900 square foot home.
Home is definitely a much nicer fit for me.
I wanted to share this little project I was inspired to complete today. This is what it looked like before:

Add a little fabric and now it looks like "me"

Bought that little bulletin board at TJ Maxx in the clearance section for $5.00. I think I got a real bargain and had so much fun putting my signature on it.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and the New Year is filled with blessings and hope for a brighter future.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thrifting instead of Christmas Shopping?

Well not exactly. I was out and about yesterday doing some last minute shopping for my 18 year old daughter (they are so hard to buy for) and had a little time to kill between shopping and my nail appointment so me and my little guy decided to go into the Salvation Army. I am so blessed that my son loves to mill around the thrift shops with me. I found a couple of cute sweaters (it is amazing what people donate to thrift stores, these beauties were brand new). On our way out the door, I noticed these dainty silver creamer and sugar and cute little teapot and had to do an about-face for them. Total cost $6.00 for all three pieces, I couldn't resist.

I know I should only be spending money on my loved ones this time of year but sometimes it feels so good to do a little something for yourself.

I felt so motivated today to get this mirror hung and the pretty bow shelves that adorn it so I thought I would share a view of my dining area with you and in the mirror you can see my tree.

To finish off my day today, I made this sweet little bundt cake and as you can see it is a little "caved in" because my son could not wait for it to fully cool off before I took it out of the pan so I had to hide it with frosting & powdered sugar. He didn't complain about the taste of the cake at all.

Have a lovely day,


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog Break But Now I Am Back

Sorry for the break friends, but I have had so much going on and not enough time to devote to posting. I have a few things to share with you but as I look at the calendar and see Christmas is one week away, I realize I probably wont get all of my decorations up so I thought I would share a few shots from around my apartment with what little I have done.

I love apothecary jars and filling this one with Christmas ornaments is my favorite way to enjoy it.

Vintage Christmas Ornament

Hope to have more to share over the weekend. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I appreciate all of you.

With love,


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Baking Our House Into A Home.....

Baking Our House Into A Home.....