Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Fabric For My Old Chairs

I bought some new fabric a few months back and decided today was the day I was going to change the look of my shabby white chairs. They needed a fresh coat of none other than "White" paint and while they were drying, I went to town on the seats. When I finished, I realized that I had forgotten to take a "before" picture but I wanted to share the finished product with you anyway. Enjoy.....

I'm really happy with the way the arm chair turned out. I used a real feminine print as I would like to put it in my new bedroom. I can just see it in a pretty corner of my room. More to come on that!

I selected a rosy print for the other 2 chairs as they will go in my dining room and I am not sure what color palette I am going with until I start moving and painting and re-purposing my treasures. I like the feminine vibe of this fabric.

I only have 3 of these chairs as I found them at the Goodwill for $5.00 a piece. I know that in my travels, I can probably find some that are similar. I hope to find some that are very different as I am drawn to the mismatched eclectic look.

Thank you for visiting and thank you for your prayers. I will share what is going on in my life when the time is right. I appreciate all of the friends I have made as a result of blogging and cherish each one of you.

Debbie Kay


Joy@The Vintage Rabbit said...

Cute and always!! You are such a good little treasure finder!!! Can't wait to see the other things you have done!!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Those look great!

linda said...

The chairs turned out great...I think I have those exact same chairs but in cherry wood.

I hope all is well. I know you just mentioned an upcoming move. We don't live far away from one another so if you need any help or anything at all, please don't hesitate to call. Do you still have my number?

Take care and have a blessed week!

Joanne Kennedy said...

I love love love that material you picked out. Where did you get it. I would love to find something like that first one to redo an office chair.

I bet you are getting excited about moving huh!


Michelle said...

You did such an excellent makeover job! I really like the fabric you chose...looking forward to seeing everything all pulled together :)

Take care, Debbie Kay...remember to just take time for yourself to rest, relax & regroup a bit as you walk through a stressful time, OK? That's really important!

Praying for ya, friend...have a wonderful week!

Cottagecheap said...

Green with Envy here! I received my pay it forward gift today. Thank you. I will take the pic and do my pay it forward tomorrow. If I can take a breath from this house purchase thing.

Thanks again. I love an INDIANA PINK house! Perfect, btw.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...


M ^..^

Priscila said...

i love that fabric! where did you get it?
i just came across ur blog and im loving it :)

emily said...

What great fabric choices! The chairs look wonderful. Hope all is well :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie Kay,
They look wonderful, love the fabric you chose.


linda t said...

I LOVE em Debbie!!! Great job!
And hey, I adore that mix n' match look, so how fun to someday find 3 chairs that are slightly different or majorly different!

Hope you are doing well Debbie... and your daughter is settling in at ASU.
My daughter survived her first week... it was a nightmare, but she's adjusting better I think.

Take care...

linda t said...

I LOVE em Debbie!!! Great job!
And hey, I adore that mix n' match look, so how fun to someday find 3 chairs that are slightly different or majorly different!

Hope you are doing well Debbie... and your daughter is settling in at ASU.
My daughter survived her first week... it was a nightmare, but she's adjusting better I think.

Take care...

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Deb,
Your chairs will look wonderful in your new bedroom, where you can indulge yourself, and get all the pink you want! That should make you smile...
Please call me when your able! You are in my prayers as always.
Donna Lynn

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Great makeover! I love vintage chairs and vintage fabric. you did a great job!
Hugs, Sherry

Diana Lyn said...

Oh Debbie, THAT.... is a beautiful change! Love it! I am thinking I need to do my office chair!!! Thanks for the idea! Xo Have a wonderful day! Diana Lyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbi! Those chairs are gorgeous! My question is how did you get that paint soooo smooth? Do you use spray paint? The fabrics are beautiful; you can't go wrong with florals. Love all your projects; can't wait to see more! Have a great night - Sincerely,Jeannette


Hi Debbie Kay,
I really love the first rose fabric :) It's fun to change things with a little fabric and paint. I did a little before and after on a mirror and will post that later this week. It took minutes to do:) Hope everything is okay??!!
Warmly, Deb

Debbie said...

wow, love them!

hey, my name is Debbie Kay too!

Cynthia S. said...

Hi Deb!

I adore that fabric too!! and the chair is sooo soo pretty! You did a great job Deb! Hope all is well with you, ive been so busy but had a little time today to surf ;) I want to wish you good luck and many blessing in your "moving" on too!! ~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

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