Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Be Careful What You Ask For

Well you all know I am getting married next year. I asked my beloved about how we should configure the outdoor area for our guests to eat and drink and dance and celebrate with us in comfort and style. Comfort, yes that was and is the operative word here. He took style to an entirely different level.

Ok so he has this patio area in the backyard and I say to him " we will have to rent a bar/buffet for this area for the wedding".

Rent? He will have no part of it, thus the building began....................

This is what the patio looked like before.....................

Quaint yes but his vision was sooooo much bigger!

He measured, he sawed, he cut and he hammered............just sketched it out on a piece of paper and ran with it.

He worked on it for 4 weeks........................faithfully!

First time laying tile................No Problem!

Wait for it, wait for it...............................


He's a plumber, an electrician, and a carpenter all in one. I like to think of him as my own personal EVERYTHING!!!!

He gave me an entire built-in-outdoor kitchen. I was speechless!

Its more than I could have ever asked for...................Just Like Him!!!

So happy he is mine, Life is very very good.



Kim's Treasures said...

You are one lucky lady! It's beautiful! Now I'm super excited to see the wedding pictures!!! I bet you're really excited!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! : )

Joanne Kennedy said...

Wow! You are one lucky lady! I bet the wedding is going to be beautiful, just like you!


Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

That's awesome. You are blessed! How wonderful that he's so skilled. I bet he doesn't know what he just did. You'll have projects for him from here on out. Start out right, girlfriend!

Mari said...




Celestina Marie said...

Hi Debbie,
WOW your patio is awesome. Your hubby to be is certainly very talented and did an amazing job building your outdoor kitchen. It is just wonderful!!
Your wedding will be very special and you deserve this good man and many happy years ahead!

Thank you for stopping by and best wishes for a special Thanksgiving!

hugs, Celestina Marie

nwalker said...

That is an awesome addition!Congratulations on your upcoming marriage,it sounds like you have found a real gem of a man.I just got home from my trip to Cali and we had so much fun and the state was beautiful.I really hope I can go for another visit sometimes. Happy Thanksgiving.

The Vintage Rabbit said...

So amazing!!! It turned out great!!1 I think you need to had a party to christen the bar!!!


Joy said...

oopsy...I meant to say have a party to Christen the bar!

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