Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just A Little Fun Out With My Sweetheart

Seems like I find the neatest stuff when we go out "thriftin". Hit a couple of shops recently and found these jewels. The drippings jar was just too sweet to pass up and for $5 I could easily justify it. I am not quite sure what the parasol is used for since it has no opening in the bottom but there are holes in the top part I can put water in it and use it like a vase of sorts. The silver tongs were a steal at $1.

This is sooo pretty and I have the perfect use for it
CINNAMON in a pretty shaker makes me smile..........I will enjoy sprinkling it over my coffee after dinner in the winter months
I just loved this enameled tin. The rooster sticker was added by someone along the way but I think it just adds that "farmhouse" feel and that is fine by me. I put my flour in it.
Looks so cute in my pantry
This little lady in the antique shop down the street was asking $8 for these beauties. How could I say no???
My husband thought I was gonna serve tea when I put them out on the table in the living room. I just rolled my eyes and smiled............I do that at him a lot. Hahaha
We are getting ready to leave on our honeymoon so I am sure I will have a lot to post when I return.

Love to you all my dear blog friends and thanks for stopping by

Debbie Kay


Unknown said...

You DO find the neatest stuff. Those little Drippings jars are hard to find. You totally found a treasure!:)


Kim's Treasures said...

Such great deals! I love the shaker and to put cinnamon in is a great idea!!!

Have a great day!!!

Joanne Kennedy said...

The little umbrellas is a hat pin holder. Have a wonderful honeymoon! Where are you going?


Hi Debbie,
Very pretty little dishes! Cool dripping jar!
Have a great honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

please say you are not allowing smoking in your home around your children!!!

Debbie Kay said...

Response to "Anonymous", WE DO NOT SMOKE.

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