Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gettin My Act Together

It's beginning to look like Christmas.......better late than never

Hello Ladies, I learned a very valuable lesson this year! If you don't get your tree up the day (or weekend) after Thanksgiving, the time gets away from you and it becomes an obligation rather than an enjoyable tradition. Sad to say that but I have had just too many things on my plate since Thanksgiving and when my son asked me "are we going to have a tree this year?" I knew I had to STOP and deck the halls.
This is the tree on the Pie Safe in my kitchen. I wanted to find the perfect little tree and just happened upon this beauty the other day at Salvation Army.
My daughter (she s 21 years old) made this Gingerbread man when she was in grammar school. I treasure all those sweet projects the kids made with their precious little hands.

These adorable Mr. & Mrs. Gingerbread were at the SA the same day I found the kitchen tree. I paid $1.50 each for them.
Cozy Country Christmas in my kitchen
Put out a little here and there around the house
This little old (looking) bible is actually made out of a resin-type material. Found it at the Goodwill and thought it was so sweet
Found these in the floral section at Von's. I need to find a sprig of greenery to put behind them don't I?
A cute little tree I found at Walmart, Just added little ornaments I found in my Christmas box
This is the "Non-Smoking" section. LOL

My mother bought this nativity for me over 20 years ago when I was a young bride. I have taken good care of it over the years and it always brings me such joy to display it.
Ending my little home tour with some "pink Christmas".

Hope you all are having a good week and I have enjoyed visiting your blogs and getting lots of inspiration.




Sunny Simple Life said...

Uh oh I hope we didn't keep you from decorating. It is hard too I am sure because you are working and gone during the day so when you get home you want to rest. I love your kitchen goodies and love the wood bucket with the rolling pins and other goodies. I can't believe you found those gingerbread men at the thrift store. They are so cute.

Julie Harward said...

Looks like you are getting it all together very nicely! Love all the detail you put into it! I just gave my daughter our nativity set that looks a lot like that. Have a wonderful December! :D

Kris said...

Debbie, the decked halls look fabulous! Hide those Gingerbread men from Elaine though, she collects them, and I know she is going to be eyeballing those two cuties! We would have a ball thrifting together, wouldn't we? Did you get any of that snow the other night?


Merry Christmas!!!
It's looking like you are now ready for Christmas! I love the little tree in your kitchen. It's such fun to visit you and see how pretty your home is!
Be on the "lookout" LOL!!something is coming your way as I heard you have been a Very good Girl this year!
Warmest Christmas Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Lovely nativity set. Your house is definitely looking festive ♥ thanks for following and entering the banner giveaway at my blog!
Blessings, Kelsey

deb said...

well it sure was worth the wait, everything is just beautiful!!! love it all....and the nativity from your mom is such a treasure!!!

Mari said...

Hi Debbie, everything looks beautiful!!! your kitchen looks warm and cozy :)

The nativity set is just sooo special :)
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year :)


Janet said...

I really like your Christmas tree and all the sweet little touches around your home for Christmas!

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Baking Our House Into A Home.....

Baking Our House Into A Home.....