Sunday, August 5, 2012

This & That

I love my new little stool! I had one just like this when I was a little kid and when I saw this over the weekend at a little antique shop, I just couldn't resist. My parents didn't use a stool for "time out" (they used a paddle), it was used for a multitude of practical things like a boost up to the sink to wash our hands and brush our teeth. We might have watched a little tv too but always as a family.

I think it looks so cute on the fireplace in our den.

I adore "old" homemaking books. This "Homemaking Guide" was published in 1937. My mother was a year old just to put things into perspective.
 I added this one to my collection for under $5.00

It has tabs for sections that include Etiquette, Setting A Table, Exercising, Caring For Sick Children. I love how old-fashioned it is yet so practical. 

The instructions for wash day give detailed directions in the sorting of laundry, water temperature and how to treat stains depending on fabric type. The chapter begins by stating "Rules for sorting clothes are the same for non-automatic, automatic, or hand-operated washing machines". Wow, we have come a long way havent we?

I love my little "baker girl".  She was on a wee little shelf at the Goodwill and begged me to take her home.

I have loved to bake since I was a young girl of maybe 12 or 13. My mom always let me go in the kitchen and make whatever my imagination (and recipe) called for.

 Hope your weekend has been good. 

Mine sure has.




Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Hi Debbie-
Love your newly added vintage items.
We had a stool similar to that one...It had a different saying on it but close.
I think the Homemakers Guide is interesting if not, still important! I think some young women today, bless their hearts don't know the fine art of being busy at home.
Like my mother in law used to say; "young women today don't get anything done at home, cause they got wheels under their butts."

Time have changed haven't they?

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Haaa! I'm laughing at your "paddle" comment. My parent's got out the wooden spood when we were naughty! Though not too often.
Your little step stool is very cute!
Erica :)

Anonymous said...

I love your little stool because my best friend's family had several of those all over the house when we were kids. She had two younger brothers, one who was very small for his age. They kept the stools in all the bathrooms the kids used, the kitchen, and I think there was one in the boys' room. What fun memories, so thanks for sharing your find!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's much cuter than the old plastic stool I use for the grands.

Looks like you've been having fun fluffing and poking around the house! I so hope we get to buy the house we're looking at and I can fluff to my hearts content!

My mom used a wooden spoon on my big brothers and sister but I hear tell they broke it in a door! My mom spanked me once and I laughed hilariously for the longest time until I finally cried. Yeah, we were a handful!

Ruby and Arthur said...

Hi Debbie, I just love all your vintage treasures. I especially love the "Hoosier" cabinet since I'm from Indiana! Thanks for your visit to my blog, yours is lovely! Jean

Anonymous said...

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Baking Our House Into A Home.....