Thursday, February 28, 2008

Got a thing for Cookbooks

I just love to display cookbooks in my kitchen. I don't use them everyday as I make the usual "family meals" during the week but there is just something about a cookbook displayed on a granite countertop, on a lovely stand that makes me smile.....

This very famous cookbook comes in handy when I need to reference special measurements. It has a complete chart in the back of the book for conversion. I enjoy making some of the same recipes my mom made from this cookbook.

A friend of mine gave this cookbook to me for Christmas one year. It has festive holiday recipes and I love cooking for the holidays.

This is what me and my little guy will be doing this weekend. I love to bake (he thinks I'm a professional baker) so we are going to make sugar cookies for his class.

Blogger Blessings to all of my new friends and thank your for visiting,

Debbie Kay


Michelle said...

I love how you have your cookbook displayed! Hope you guys have a blast making those cookies this weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Your cookbook display is lovely! I love to bake too - you wouldn't have any suggestions for a low-fat baking cookbook would you? I've been looking for one.

Have fun making cookies!


Debra from Bungalow said...

I love cookbooks too & have so many,I probably should get rid of some. You have yours displayed so nicely......a great idea!

Thanks for visiting my blog & your kind comments! My name is Debbie Kay too..... how about that! Hugs, DebraK

linda t said...

You are such a doll! Love your pic on your blog!
Hey, everything looks amazing on granite! I am hoping to replace our counter tops this summer!
And cookbooks are always so yummy looking!

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