Friday, February 29, 2008

Should I or Shouldn't I ?????

I want to turn this beautiful tray into a chalkboard message board but I don't know if I should. I ran it by the girls at work and got a 2 to 1 vote in favor of painting it and hanging it from a lovely ribbon.

One co-worker said to adhere some wood of sorts to it first, paint the wood (with the chalkboard paint) and then at least if I change my mind in the future, the tray is not ruined. I spent $12.00 for it at a little antique shop near where I work.

For those of you who have made one, please let me know how it turned out and convince me either way to do something fabulous with this amazing tray....thank you.

Got this adorable little lamp at the same place. It is my favorite cottage green but with the gingham action going on here. I love it on my little secretary that I sit at to write letters to friends. It is so fun to go Thrifting and find items at 50% off!

I purchased several lovely things from Katie's Rose Cottage that I will share with you over the weekend. She has beautiful things for sale on her website. I am in shabby chic heaven!

Blogger Blessings and I look forward to your input on my message board project.

Debbie Kay


a pink-bee said...

Oh I would paint that tray like a chalkboard for sure :) I have used the chalkboard paint several times . (It will most likely take a few coats of the paint to get the right coverage) What a sweet little lamp.:)
Thanks for stopping by to visit and leaving such nice comments :) Have a happy weekend :)
crystal :)

Michelle said...

I think it would look very nice as a little chalkboard :) That lamp is really adorable - I'm a sucker for that style of lampshade with the beaded trim...very cute!

Have a great weekend!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Yes! Paint it like a chalk board. I have seen that done before and it looks amazing.

Ruey said...

Hi Debbie~
Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Michaels is a great store and I hope you find what you are looking for. I was reading about your tray dilemna, and i received one years ago from a dear friend. I use mine on my table under our cabana in the summer. I put sand on the bottom, then I put candles and seashells around it.See if you can link to this site...

I hope you like it...
By the way, I love your blog too...I am adding you to my favorites and hope to visit often....
xxxooo Holly

Anonymous said...

Votes still running against me! :)

A Romantic Porch said...

Debbie Kay, Your blog is so nice. If the tray is silver plate, I would paint it in a heartbeat. You will love it that way! Thanks for visiting my porch. I hope you will feel free to drop by again. Have a wonderful evening. xoRachel

Anonymous said...

I say paint it! I have a plate I painted with chalkboard paint and I use it every day to "announce" my dinner menu. I believe that Cindy at My Romantic Home has one that she did.


Elena said...

Hi Debbie, with the tray I think it depends on whether you like the tray as it is or as an anitque piece. However, if you have been inspired to do something with it then I say 'go for it'. But if you have the slightest hesitation about 'recreating' something then don't do it ... at least for the time being. My work is about recreating items & sometimes I find it hard to do it because I just can't bring myself to paint over an item - for various reasons. Consequently I've ended up with a little collection of sorts. All the best with this one though. Ciao for now, Elena :)
PS - I'm not sure if I'm permitted to mention other sites so just edit this out if you want to - you can see samples of what I've done here - or

paperjunk-lc said...

For 12.00$ paint it esp. if it's silver plate. I've been looking for the right one to do for a while now.
Good luck!

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