Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother's Work Is Never Done............

I had a lovely day with my wonderful children, I could not have asked for anything more than to spend the day being pampered by my sweethearts. This is the last Mother's Day that my sweet daughter will be home with me as she leaves for college in the fall, kind of bittersweet. Her card means a lot to me this year. My little guy will be like the "only child" once his sissy leaves the nest. Hard to imagine that 18 years have passed and she has become an adult. Hmmmm, anyway, I spent the afternoon painting my sun room. Okay let me clarify that, I painted 3/4 of one wall of my sun room. I just didn't want to feel pressured to finish it on "my day" so I painted at my leisure and thought I would share some pictures....
You can really see how much darker the "Belize" green is next to the "Winter wonderland" that my husband picked out. It looks like mint green and I NEVER liked it. He even commented that he liked the darker shade much better as it compliments the living room color.
No, I did not "paint around" these items, I just wanted to hang everything back up so that we could still live in our sun room while I find some time to finish painting. My weekends are the only time I have to devote to such a task.
This is the "pass through" from our kitchen into the sun room. I love the way the darker green showcases the granite counter top.

This is my inspiration wall. I like the "wall words" you can buy at Target that say things like "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" or "All Because Two People Fell In Love" but I didn't want to spend the money on them so I got my scrapbook letters out and came up with this. The sentiment really conveys my feelings for my sweet little boy and our wedding picture sort of ties it all together since he is our baby boy.

Hope all the mother's in blogland were blessed this Mother's Day

With Love,

Debbie Kay


Cindy said...

It looks so much better darker! Your little boy looks so adorable! Is he blond? He sure doesn't have your hair does he. You would think that would be dominate!

Alison Gibbs said...

Love the new wall colour.
Sounds like you had a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Beautiful post. The pics of your family look really sweet. How nice. I hope you had a lovely Mother's day. I did a little tribute to my Mom over on my blog, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie always love seeing all your beautiful work in your home! Love the color on the wall!!
see you soon!

Donna Lynn said...

Dear Sister!
I love love love the new green, I was trying to imagine what it was going to look like when you told me the is awesome, I agree it really makes the granite counter POP! We must be twins, cause I paint just like you do, I can't wait to see my stuff hung back up, paint is so much fun and makes such a huge impact!
I hope your Monday at work went really well, lets talk soon...praying for you! :)
XXOO, Donna Lynn

A Romantic Porch said...

That is so beautiful. I love how you're painting a little at a time. You sound like me!xorachel

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I always read your blog and LOVE everything you have and how you display them!! You did a great job with the mirror. Could you please post where you got the Dream stand on your mantle?? Thanks a million, I have been looking for that exact one Forever!!!

Debbie Kay said...

In response to "Laura" who asked where I got the Dream sign that is displayed on my mantle. I purchased the stand at an antique shop in town and I just used card stock for the Dream sentiment. You might try a bakery supply store (online perhaps) or ask at a local bakery since I see them used in restaurants for pastry displays. Sorry, I guess I got lucky.

Tracy said...

I love the new color! It does look a lot better. Your sun room is darling! And what a cute idea with the wall words! I would love to see more pics of your home.. you have amazing taste!

Debra said...

Love the walls!

My name is Debbie Kay as well! How cool is that?!

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Baking Our House Into A Home.....