Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thrift Shop Stop(s)......

I don't have an opportunity most days to get out and mill around the Thrift Shops and so while I was on the other side of town today for an appointment, I decided to seize the opportunity to pop into 2 stores that I normally would not have ventured into. Boy am I glad I did; I scored these sweet treasures and walked out for less than $10.

I just love the ceramic plaques with the roses on them. They had a price tag on the back of them that said $20.00 for the set but the sticker from Salvation Army said $1.99 each. I gladly paid the SA price......

Here is a better look at my new (old) goodies; the sweet little mirror is going to be painted white, the cherubs will lovingly hang on the wall in front of my desk, the adorable little white candlestick has already found a new home under a sweet little cloche in my sun room and the ceramic boot with cottage roses is for a very special friend. I love to play with my new toys when I get them.....and I love to share them with my beautiful friends who mean so much to me.

I don't EVER go on picnics but this adorable little picnic basket was beckoning me and I just could not resist. Perhaps as my life has begun to change and rearrange, I should find time to stop and spend some very special time with my children and people who mean so much to me; a picnic would be such a sweet way to do that!!!

Some chicken salad sandwiches, potato salad and cupcakes for dessert. We could tuck a couple of bottles of Trader Joe's sparkling Lemonade in here and were off on a picnic. Simple and sweet......

Can you believe that this plaster stand was only $3.00? It is kind of torn up at the bottom but I simply turned it around so that the damaged part is facing the wall and it makes a nice addition to my front porch. I purchased a lavender plant recently and I think it will look fabulous on this white stand. Couldn't pass it up at that cost......

These sweet little teacups were $.99 each, how could I say no?

Imagination please with these; I know these will look amazing after they are bathed in white paint. The brass cherubs will adorn a cottage rose picture I have hanging in my sun room and the big chunky candlestick will hold something shabby chic no doubt....

I love the shape of the candlesticks and saw beyond the gold leaf and dark rustic finish. I will share their transformation as soon as the paint dries. I would say my day was good......

Debbie Kay


Kim's Treasures said...

Whata lucky girl you were today! Congratulations on your new treasures! I love the picnic basket and tea cups! You really got some good deals!
Happy treasure hunting!

Kay said...

Lovely finds....I have been doing much better at imagining what something will look like with some white paint on it....makes shopping so much more fun.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Wowzer! You did great in your thrift store shopping!

Michele said...

Debbie - great finds! Found your blog accidentally and I love it! I'm a vintage girl myself and absolutely adore thrift shops. Stop by when you get a chance...



Hi Debbie,
Looks like some great finds. I found some treasures too. Come by my blog sometime:) I'm thinking that I need to buy some white paint and do some painting. Some treasures need a new look. Warmly, Deb

Angie said...


thank you so much for visiting my blog! i love meeting other thrifty chicks to dish with! i am glad you left a comment so i was able to find your blog as well! i love those little cherubs...they are gonna pop with some white paint on them..whoo! can't wait to see!! well done!


p.s. stop by anytime..i will be back to see what you are up to!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Great finds! I hope we have some luck with us when we go shopping!

Speaking of which, if you have never been to the Orange Circle stop by my post today.

I went there and thought of you the whole time. So todays post is dedicated to you my dear!


joyh82 said...

You find some terrific things!
I love the little cherubs you painted white and the mirror too.

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