Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Package At My Door From A Rose Of A Blogger.....

I entered a giveaway at Lisa's blog and much to my surprise and amazement I WON! Now when I tell you that I never win anything, I mean "I NEVER WIN ANYTHING". If I am on the slot machine next to you in Las Vegas, you will start losing and when I enter my name into contests, I undoubtedly win phone calls from telemarketers (don't you know they just want your information to sell to other telemarketers?) Well not this time sweet sista! I won her birthday giveaway and you would have thought it was my birthday with all of the goodies I received......

She starts out with the sweetest little note to me

This very vintage little tile and adorable little dish are probably two of my favorites in the "box of goodies"

A bundle of fabric and hankies and doilies gives me a ton of neat ideas.....

This adorable little black tray (with what else but a rose on it) and mini cup & saucer will look so sweet in a new hutch I purchased recently. I will show that off in another post.

Lovely vintage cards from a time-gone-by.....I love the worn, antique look they cast and the history behind them intrigues me......

Vintage wallpaper pieces, millinery and a little bag of lace puts a smile on my face.....THANK YOU LISA and I must tell you to go and visit her blog at A Thing For Roses . She has the most amazing gift for finding items at yard sales and thrift shops and you will be amazed to see how she turns them into practical and functional items for her home. I had the awesome pleasure of meeting Lisa last summer in an antique shop in Temecula. We didn't even know each other as we stood at the counter but started talking about "blogs" and we quickly recognized eachother from the wonderful community of blogging sisters......she is a very beautiful Rose of a lady......

Debbie Kay


Kim's Treasures said...

You won some amazing things! The black tray is so cute, love the tea cup but I really love the tile! Very nice!
Have a great day!

{oc cottage} said...

Holy cow! How fun!

M ^..^

Joanne Kennedy said...

Wow! Now that is a GREAT giveaway package. I love everythng you go. So perfect for you too! Looks like you broke your not winning streak.

I'm so excited about meeting you Sat that I feel like Christmas is just around the corner.


Donna Lynn said...

Hi Sweet Sister!
So happy your home and doing well, I know how hard it must of been to say goodbye to your precious father...glad you and your mom had time to just be together and do some shopping, something normal after all the upset.

You got such a haul of wonderful things! WOW, some of the bloggers go all out don't they? I will have to try entering more giveaways after seeing what you got! FUN!

Let me know how your doing, did you feel the earthquake? I was on the phone with Joanne when it hit, that was so weird to experience it through the phone.

Bless your week, am praying for you as always, lifting up your needs to our Father.
P.S. keep praying as the Spirit leads! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie! This has to be one of the best giveaways I've seen so far! All beautiful and useful! Love everything; couldn't pick a favorite but since I like black tole trays I guess I'll choose that, no wait the tile and ...You get the picture!lol Have a great time enjoying your goodies - Jeannette

emily said...

What a loot of great things you won!! Wow!! Everything is just beautiful, I'll have to check out her blog!


Michelle said...

What a wonderful package you received...how cool was that?!

Hope you're having a lovely week :)

Thanks so much for your encouragement and prayers for me & the family...we appreciate it!!!!


WOW, LOVELY, AWESOME, LOVE your WIN. I'm a little jealous. :) Have fun with your new treasures..I'm off to enter giveaways. Maybe it will be my turn to win.

Joanne Kennedy said...


Guess what! Right after we hung up on the phone I thought I would pick the names of the winners of my two giveaways.

You won again!!! You won the Christmas in July giveaway.

SO I can either mail the package to you or bring it to on Sat. Which do you want?

Just email me back and let me know. If you want me to mail it then leave me your address.

If you want me to bring it then you can add all the stuff that you buy and tell hubby it's all part of the giveaway. LOL


Diana Lyn said...

AWE, see sweetie,,,,,,, Gods Timing! I learn more and more everyday gods timing!I so wanted you to win my giveaway last time, now look at you you won 2! Congrats my dear, You deserve it, that is a sweet post of your father, I miss mine so much, I have such a whole in my heart since he passed! Treasure the moments with your Mama! Hugs and have a beautiful day ! Diana Lyn

Cindy said...

What a great giveaway. Lucky you!

Connie said...

Hi, sweet vintage chickee! I came over from littlecottageinthemaking when she posted about your lunch at JP's Abbey. I LOVE every single thing about your office. It's so adorable!! Come on over and visit and post anything you want, lovely lady......

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What wonderful goodies you won! I am going to visit her blog right now and say hi...

Brittany said...

Hi there! I came over from Diana Lyn's!! I love your office and your blog! Do drop in and visit w/me!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Wow, it looks like you hit the jackpot. I love that black tray especially!

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Debbi; this is my first time here, and I love your blog. And congrats! on winning such a bounty of beautiful things. They are so pretty. You lucky lady you. Have a great week.

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