Sunday, August 24, 2008

Road Trip to Arizona State University

I have been away on a very difficult and yet rewarding trip to send my daughter (my first born) off to college. It was a 6 hour drive to Tempe, with a few stops along the way. My daughter just had to stop and have her picture taken under this sign......I can't imagine picking up ANY hitchhikers, much less, one near a prison.....YIKES!

We had to stop to eat along the way. My daughter enjoys "dining" rather than "grabbing a bite to go" and of course my little guy will eat anywhere at anytime.....

We arrived on Wednesday and she couldn't wait to move into her dorm. I left her there to organize and unpack and she amazed me. When I came back a few hours later, she had moved all of her things in and was ready to begin her new life in college.....I am so proud of her!!!

They don't give you much room for your stuff but they give you enough room from which to learn how to share (with your roommate), compromise (she always had her own room as a child), respect others (slob vs. neat freak), and most of all enjoy this time in your life.....they are quite possibly the "best years of your life".

My sweet daughter and future lawyer.....the sky is the limit!

Debbie Kay


Linda said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I had saved the email with your phone number on it forever and when I went to look for it, I must have recently deleted it by accident.

We're still here in Arizona and will be here until Wednesday. What dorms did your daughter move into? Does she need anything? I'd still love for her to meet my daughter. If you want to email me her number I can give her a call.

Kay said...

Good luck to both mom and daughter! I moved my daughter into her first apartment this summer and she is ready to start her junior year....time just flies... Just wait till summer when she brings all that "stuff" home again!!!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I know it's a big step for your daughter and I wish her much success. I remember moving my daughter into the dorms for the first time...sigh*. Hard to believe they are flying from the nest and testing their wings. Big hugs to you.

. said...

Hi you are too young to have a college daughter. Did you have her a 10. Love all the photos. Denise

Donna Lynn said...

You must be so sad and so happy at the same time...
I will be praying for your DD while she is away from you!

Love her pink laptop, WOW! Gotta get one of those!

Hope to talk to you soon.
Donna Lynn

Tracy said...

How fun for your daughter! She is going to have a blast (and it doesn't hurt that she is absolutely darling!). It must be hard "giving away" your first baby, but it's all for the best- especially when she is able to do legal work for you at no expense ; ) Good luck to you both!

Kim's Treasures said...

Good luck to your daughter!!! How exciting but sad at the same time. My daughter just started her last year of college this week! My son has only 2 years left! Where does the time go!?!
Have a great day!

Cindy said...

I know this must be a hard time for you! Kids never really know how hard it is on the parents until they have kids of their own! She look very happy though!

Joanne Kennedy said...

So this is where you have been.

Your daughter looks so happy and excited to be in her new home away from home. I hope and pray she loves it and everything goes smoothly for her.

You must be so proud of her. You did a great job raising her.

I had to crack up over that photo with her under the sign. She is so like her mommy! LOL

I would have stopped for that picture too.


linda t said...

I am so proud of you Debbie. It is so hard letting go.
I am sooo glad we were able to talk. Please know that I am here from your daughter. And I am just a phone call away, if you need to talk.
I'm praying your daughter has the most wonderful year of her life!

Miss Gracie's House said...

What a time it is!!! It is soo hard when they leave home, isn't it? They are soo excited and ready to go! We miss them soo much when they do...
hugs to you, mom

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