Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Kinda Nervous"

I was kinda nervous today. You see I had to meet with my husbands ex-wife to have her sign some documents. He asked me to handle it because he trusts me and knows I will keep my head on straight and just get what we need from her without any "issues".

I bet you dont know this about me, but I have a lot of insecurities. I don't look in the mirror and see what you might see. I have been like this my entire life, I know I am loved, I feel confident (at times), I know I am smart, I just don't know why I feel this way. Having to meet with her magnifies those insecurities. I wonder if any of you can relate? This isnt a pity party, I am just sharing the real me.

Anyway, sorry I have been out of the "blogging bunch". Just trying to keep up with life, helping my husband with our business, working full time, cooking, cleaning, helping my daughter get settled into her new place, just trying to keep it all going.

Anyway, I plan to get a post up this week. Thank you for hanging in there with me.

Love & Smiles,



Mari said...

Hi Debbie,
I think we all feel like that from time to time sweetie, so take a deep breath and keep doing the wonder job I just know you have been doing ;)

We will be here when your ready ;)


Sunny Simple Life said...

Hey Debbie!!! Glad to hear from you. I think anyone would feel nervous in that situation. It is just a meeting of persons no one really wants to get together with. I think you sell yourself short. A lot of women would have said no to their husband and made him do it so the fact that you did it speaks tons for your confidence. Life is overwhelming and with working I know you are so busy. I don't all the kids back in school so I still have more time just being home and I am going to miss it starting next week. Take care!!!

Julie Harward said...

Debbie, you are no different from any of us..each has insecurities. You go to that meeting and handle it just right, I know you will. We all do things that are hard and it makes us strong! You are beautiful! ;D

Kris said...

Debbie, having to meet up with the ex would make even the most confident of all, tremble a bit. I know I sure wouldn't want to do it. So don't go beating yourself up over it. You are such a lovely person.
See you soon, when life slows down for your a bit to post!


Oh, Debbie...
My hubby has an "ex" too..but after 21 years of marriage..."she" doesn't get to me...
It will all be OKAY!! You are WOMAN!
I haven't been around blogland much either..."life" does come first...
Daughter and finace are looking at houses and I tag along!!! Plus the Craft Room!
Take care!!!
deb :)

Anonymous said...

Every one of us deals with insecurities! That's what helps me any time I find myself feeling inferior. I know they have insecurities, too. Although I do tend to bable like an idiot when I'm nervous! Ha-ha!

Hey, did you come by my blog and see who your swap partner is? sending out an email with the list turned out harder to do than I thought it would be! ♥

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